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Resilience Planning

By The Parish Clerk Stockbridge Parish Council

Friday, 4 December 2020


Stockbridge Parish Council Contributor



December 2020

Despite another wet autumn, the groundwater levels at the Environment Agency Stockbridge Main Hut monitoring station are stable and water levels sit below the ‘Typical Range’ and as such, we’re currently some way off a flood risk. Details can be seen on the Gaugemap link below which is updated every 6 hours.

Our main concern in Stockbridge is fluvial and groundwater flooding which happens over a prolonged period of heavy rainfall. There is usually a 10-14-day lag between rainfall and the resulting groundwater levels. This lag shortens over the winter as the underground chalk aquafers become saturated and groundwater rises. Flash flooding is another risk to Stockbridge which can happen during short, but heavy periods of rainfall which could leave the drainage system unable to cope with the volume of rainfall.

A lot of work is being done behind the scenes with TVBC and HCC and we are confident of their support; not only in times of an emergency but their work throughout the rest of the year in monitoring water levels and flood risks. We have been repeatedly assured that it is very unlikely that the parish council would ever need to raise an alarm of flood risk because the Borough and County councils are are already monitoring water levels before we notice any signs of flooding in the village. If an emergency arises, they are ready to act quickly.

For this reason we will be seeking permission from households in Stockbridge, who consider themselves vulnerable in the event of flooding, to retain personal details in order to pass these to the emergency services for them to store on their secure resilience system, strictly for use in emergency situations. The required form can be found under the Resilience section of the parish councils website and is entitled ‘Emergency Contact Form, in the event of flooding’ and we would be grateful if you could complete and scan a copy back to the Parish Clerk, or send it in the post to her. It’s important that if you would like to be on the list that a form is completed because we cannot store your personal details without your written permission. If you have any issues accessing the form, or any queries related to it, please contact the Parish Clerk ( If you are unable to return the form to the clerk for whatever reason, please let the clerk know and we can arrange for a councillor to collect this from you. This master list is being refreshed alongside reviewing and updating the parish council’s existing resilience plan which was formally adopted in 2017.

As a parish we are in a good position against the risk of flooding, particularly because of the work of the Houghton Fishing Club, but should it occur, we will display updates on the parish council website ( and notice boards, as well other key points in the village. We also encourage you to add your e-mail address to the database on the parish council website to be kept up to date with all our news:

For the latest flood information and guidance pamphlets go to: or call the Environment Agency (EA) Floodline on 0345 988 1188 option 1 and enter Quickdial code 0122231.

Alternatively, for the latest 6 hourly groundwater readings go to the GuageMap website at!Detail/16515/12238

It is strongly recommended that all residents at risk register with the EA for automated flood warnings at

For further information contact the EA FLOODLINE on 0345 988 1188.

This is an abridged version of an article available on this website under community matters/resilience.

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