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Roles and Responsibilites

Each member has an area of responsibility they champion. Please find below each individual's role and responsibility

Parish Councillor Responsibility

Alex Lawrence



Staff Matters

Complaints and Grievances

Derek Halle

Vice Chairman

Traffic Working Group - Parking

Environmental and Community Matters

Lengthsman Coordinator

Website (supported by Clerk)

Richard Foord

Parish Councillor

Christmas Committee

War Memorial

Guy Boney

Parish Councillor


Traffic Working Party - Parking member 



Stephen Taylor

Parish Councillor



James Leslie

Parish Councillor

Community - Youth Liasion

Veryan Vere Stokes

Town Hall Liaison

Trout 'n About Liason

Test Valley Arts 2020 liason


Iain Bell

Parish Councillor

Traffic Working Group - Safety 

Tony Hales

Parish Councillor