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Illegal Metal Detecting

By The Parish Clerk Stockbridge Parish Council

Thursday, 9 July 2020


Stockbridge Parish Council Contributor


There has been recent signs of illegal metal detecting on the Stockbridge Common Marsh. This has been a problem for some time on the Stockbridge Downs, but we're now seeing it on the Marsh. It is illegal to metal detect without the landowners permission and this has not, and will not, be given by the National Trust.

The signs left behind have been fairly neat, circular holes about ten inches across and the turf is lifted and put back down after the metal object has been retrieved. The Marsh is an ecologically sensitive site, and understandably has the status of a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). As well as the ecological damage, if illegal metal detectorists find anything historic of value, they deny us all of our shared history. If for example a gold coin was found, the detectorist is only interested in the monetary value of it, but it denies historians and future generations the chance to understand our past, and something that might have provided answers to unanswered questions.

If you see anybody acting suspiciously either with a metal detector, or digging on the Marsh or Downs, please call 999 (or 101 if you're reporting the incident after it has happened) and also let the Parish Council know so we can forward the report to the Court Leet and the National Trust.

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