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Trout Pond

The Council recognises the trout pond is a special feature in the middle of the High Street. where visitors can stop to look at the fish and children enjoy throwing bread to the ducks. However, the Council has been concerned, for a number of years, regarding the state of the rendering around the walls of the pond and around the top.  The Council was aware that the cracked tiles and generally dilapidated state of the walls surrounding the pond will only get progressively worse, making it look uncared for.  Cllr Hill, working with the Houghton Fishing Club, has obtained a quotation for the work and it is the Council’ intention to apply for a Community Asset Grant for half the costs. For this grant application the Council will need to prove that there is community support for this course of action, so we would be grateful if you could email the Clerk with your support. 

Trout Pond Trout Pond